Mysuntown Jump Rope Crossfit Adjustable Speed Skipping Rope - Best for Fitness Jumping Rope Workout

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Brand: mysuntown

Color: Black02


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - Speed Jump Rope is made from 1.5m steel wire coated in a 2.5mm PVC sleeve for excellent durability, and the PP handle material is comfortable and non-slip. Black color handle length 6.5 inch; Red color handle length 4.6 inch.
  • CONVENIENTLY ADJUSTABLE - The 10 foot cableâ€s length is fully adjustable using its large screws, so the jump rope can be conveniently adjusted for any userâ€s height.
  • THE EFFECTIVE & AFFORDABLE METHOD FOR BURNING FAT - Continuously jumping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging or 20 minutes of dancing fitness, and is drastically more affordable than gym equipment. It can also be used anywhere, any time by adults and children!
  • BENEFITS OF JUMPING ROPE- Its whole body movement can improve human body organ development, muscle strength, and nervous system development all at the same time.
  • INCLUDED CARRYING BAG - Each Speed Jump Rope comes with a premium embroidered large carrying bag, perfect for storing a phone, keys, and wallet alongside the jump rope.

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 9.0 x 0.9 inches

Publisher: mysuntown

Details: Speed Jump Rope - The Best For Fitness Training - Super Lightweight and Durable with included Embroidered Carrying Bag

Mysuntown Speed Jump Rope is the convenient, affordable way to train your whole body anywhere, any time! Plus the jump rope is fully adjustable so it's great for adults and kids alike.
It's the best partner for losing weight, building muscle, and maintaining a healthy body!
Premium materials make a premium, durable jump rope. Comfortable, nonslip Polypropylene handles are easy to hold and the 1.5mm steel wire is coated in 2.5mm high-strength, weather-resistant PVC.

Speed Jump Rope Advantages:
Lightweight and fully adjustable to perfectly fit the user's height.
Quality materials for a product that will last longer.
Much more affordable and practical than gym equipment.
Provides whole-body fitness in less time with less setup.
Comes with a premium embroidered carrying bag for storing both the Speed Jump Rope and phones, keys, and wallets.

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